A Simple & Effective Solution for Clean Cans

An eco-friendly, water responsible process.

Trash Can Washing Austin TX
Austin TX Can Washing

Our trucks are customized with specialized equipment to clean trash, recycle and compost bins of all sizes. Our process washes and eliminates odors and reduces bacteria with very hot, high-pressure water. These benefits are maximized when bins are cleaned regularly. Our self-contained cleaning unit captures all dirty water for proper disposal.

How does it work? It’s as easy as…


Check For Debris

After inspecting the cans, we remove and bag any debris left from the trash collection.


Can Is Loaded Into Hopper

Your can is lifted into our customized hopper, which also collects all waste water from the cleaning process.


Can Is Cleaned

High-pressure hot water (up to 200° and free of chemicals) washes your can with a 360° head. Stubborn residue is removed manually. 


Can Is Deodorized

Can exterior is cleaned and interior wiped out and deodorized with a mild, eco-friendly odor neutralizer.



Can is pulled up off the curb and left near the house clean, sanitized, and fresh smelling. Bye, bye, stinky can!

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